Although many roofing manufacturers focus on initial inspection ratings as the primary measure of roofing quality, Firestone has always looked at long-term warranty repair cost as the ultimate measure of roof system performance. Each year, Firestone prepares a roofing quality report for all licensed contractors in terms of overall warranty claims per square foot of roof systems installed. Upon review of Beck Roofing Corporation, you have had a perfect QIR of 0.0 for four of the past five years. In this measure, Beck Roofing Corporation has always performed in the top echelon. Quality-oriented roofing contractors don't just focus on quality in the field. From the initial design and bidding of a project, through shop drawings and submittals in the daily activities of project management, Beck Roofing Corporation has always addressed all aspects of the business of roofing in a highly professional manner. It's hard to quantify exactly what this attention to professionalism and details contributes to long-term roofing quality, but I'm certain that your staff has addressed many potential problems long before they had a chance to become a problem. In my position as chief technical officer of Firestone I personally want you to know how much we appreciate your professionalism. On behalf of everyone at Firestone Building Products, I wish to thank you for your company's outstanding contribution to Firestone's quality reputation and to the overall professionalism of the roofing industry. Sincerely,

Phil LaDuke
Director of Quality Building Services
Firestone Building Products Corporation