As we close this job, I feel compelled to pass on what an exceptional job your team has done. To say this job has been a moving target would be a generous understatement. You have not only responded well to some pure spontaneity on occasion, but you have done so with a smile on your face. The one time Beck Roofing had a minor miscalculation/mistake, you embraced and wholeheartedly accepted the fault and were eager to correct the problem as soon as possible. Oh, if only everyone with whom I work could be so eager. Charlie, Rob, et. al. all impressed me. Henry has been the point person for this entire effort, and I would be remiss if didn't sing his highest praises. When I was with Sykes and worked with Henry on the Breakers Hotel, he impressed me. His time on this one has only ratcheted up the high opinion I already had. Beyond his technical prowess and eagerness to help, his calm and reassuring demeanor makes working with him purely enjoyable. He absolutely has set the bar by which all other subcontractors are judged.

L. J. Kellam Construction, LLC