It's easy to write about the benefits of the roof inspection and maintenance program you instituted and have conducted on our facilities within the last five (5) years. It is one of the best proactive property management decisions we have implemented. As an Owner/Managing Partner for retail, industrial, and office facilities in excess of 3 million square feet, we have a responsibility to maintain property value. In addition, roof replacement /maintenance budgets are probably the largest expense component, directly impacting cash flow and projected distributions. Your inspections, recommended maintenance, and communicative visual and written reports have not only saved us money but enhanced our tenant relationships. Our tenants appreciate the secure, leak free environment as well as our active efforts to protect them. We feel that when we provide copies of your reports to our partners and to our lenders that it also builds trust and credibility as to our level of management services. We enthusiastically endorse your program and services to anyone wishing to maximize their real estate assets. I would be happy to discuss the above with those who have inquiries. With best regards,

Douglas D. Ellis
Ellis-Gibson Development Group