I don't know if my experience is unique, but I suspect not. Many of you may have or had the same expectations out of your roofing repair companies as we had, before Beck Roofing came knocking. We have approximately 560,000 sq. ft. of roof; some built-up, but mostly membrane. I thought for a couple of years that roof leaks were something I had to live with. After all, my predecessors had the same problems - sometimes with brand new roofs - and could never eliminate all of the leaks. We always had one or two major leaks, whose cause was a mystery. We even resorted to purchasing special funnels designed to divert the leaks into barrels or drains. We called one roofing company after another, searching for someone who could deal with these problems and make some meaningful gains. Different companies would come to fix the leaks, and explain up front that there were no guarantees and no rebates. There were always leaks and we were lucky to stop one out of three leaks; then two more would pop up between visits. That was“BB” (Before Beck). Beck Roofing’s service technicians are the most knowledgeable in the business and results are the order of the day. I have been able to remove all of my catch basins and we now consider a leak an abnormality. I highly recommend Beck Roofing and intend to use them as my company of choice. Their personnel are neat, and work with the various departments in our facility to make sure that safety and housekeeping are always observed and that interruptions are kept to a minimum. Sincerely,

Bob Mills
Facilities Manager Stihl Inc.