Green Roofing

Living roof designs add charm and a natural touch

Green Roofing - Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake

The term Green Roofing may be used to refer to a broad category of roof systems that for various characteristics such as reflectivity and recycle-ability can be called “green”. The term can also refer to roof systems that are, literally, green, in that they are covered with vegetation. This portion of our site pertains to the latter.

Green roofs are multi-layered systems consisting of a waterproofing component, optional insulation, drainage mat, a root-blocking component, engineered growth medium, and finally, plants. The specific make-up of each layer varies widely depending upon numerous factors such as architecture and engineering, aesthetics, manufacturer specifications and contractor experience.

With over 150,000 square feet installed, Beck Roofing is the largest installer of green roofing in Hampton Roads.

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