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Know the Health of Your Roof.

You don’t want any roof surprises. Neither do we. Our clients find great comfort in knowing the truth about their commercial roof.

Our clients know what areas have endured weather hardships and might need a proactive repair.

And they understand where repairs won’t hold for much longer and how that impacts the remaining valuable life span of their current roof.

Through our maintenance plans, our clients are many times able to avoid roof emergencies and also extend the remaining valuable life span of their roof — saving them thousands of dollars this year.

Your Plan for a Healthy Roof

Have your roof inspected quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
Plan for routine maintenance and budget for upcoming repairs.
Protect your investment in both the short term and long term and save money.

Types of Roofs We Service


We service single-ply EPDM (rubber) roofs with tape seams and white PVC and TPO roofs with head-welded seams.


We service metal roofs available in aluminum and steel with factory paint finishes, copper, lead-coated copper, and stainless steel.


We service green roofing that is eco-friendly and utilizes a living environment for plants and vegetation.


We service built-up asphalt roofs with various surfacing types including aluminum coatings, pea gravel, and modified bitumen cap sheets.

How to Prevent Roof Problems


Contact us with your roof concerns


Receive an honest assessment of your roof’s current state, with your customized plan for maintenance


Minimize the possibility of future leaks and keep roof issues off your to-do list

You Want to Extend the Life of Your Roof.​

So Do We.

We Love to Exceed Your Expectations!

I thought for a couple of years that roof leaks were something I had to live with. There were always leaks and we were lucky to stop one out of three leaks.

We always had one or two major leaks, whose cause was a mystery.

We even resorted to purchasing special funnels… READ MORE

Bob Mills,
Facilities Manager,

It is one of the best proactive property management decisions we have implemented.

Your inspections, recommended maintenance, and communicative visual and written reports have not only saved us money but enhanced our tenant relationships.

Our tenants appreciate…READ MORE

Douglas D. Ellis,
Venture Realty Group

Sometimes it’s the ‪little things that mean the most. Our roof had had a leak & Beck Roofing Corporation came in, fixed it quickly & then impressed me.

The gentleman came off the roof, washed his hands with the water cooler on his truck, checked his shoes, … READ MORE

Better Business Bureau,
Greater Hampton Roads
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