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Beck Roofing has been serving property managers and building owners in Hampton Roads since 1988. We have consistently delivered quality results on a wide range of projects from convenience stores to commercial buildings to industrial plants and private residences.
Our dedication to roofing craftsmanship and professionalism has earned us a stellar reputation among our customers and the local roofing industry.
If you have a new construction project or are concerned about the wear and tear of your property, we have you covered. We offer a variety of services from roofing design, roofing installations, emergency repairs, periodic inspections and full-service maintenance plans.
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Trusted by property owners and managers across southeastern Virginia since 1988

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Preventive measures such as keeping your roof clean, and repairing maintenance items will make your roof last longer. Proactive maintenance providers such as Beck Roofing have the right expertise and equipment to ensure you have a good roof that protects your business or tenants for a long time.
Yes, energy-efficient roofing can help reduce the cost of your energy bills. Poorly insulated structures can cost you in heating and air conditioning costs. Your roofing material and color can also be optimized for the weather conditions in your area. Get advice from a reputable roofing company in Hampton Roads such as Beck Roofing.
Make sure your contractor is licensed and carries adequate insurance coverages. Ask about their safety record and their standing with the major roofing manufacturers. Ask for references and remember a low price can often lead to cost-cutting on the roof.

We Love to Exceed Your Expectations!

I thought for a couple of years that roof leaks were something I had to live with. There were always leaks and we were lucky to stop one out of three leaks.

We always had one or two major leaks, whose cause was a mystery.

We even resorted to purchasing special funnels… READ MORE

Bob Mills,
Facilities Manager,

It is one of the best proactive property management decisions we have implemented.

Your inspections, recommended maintenance, and communicative visual and written reports have not only saved us money but enhanced our tenant relationships.

Our tenants appreciate…READ MORE

Douglas D. Ellis,
Venture Realty Group

Sometimes it’s the ‪little things that mean the most. Our roof had had a leak & Beck Roofing Corporation came in, fixed it quickly & then impressed me.

The gentleman came off the roof, washed his hands with the water cooler on his truck, checked his shoes, … READ MORE

Better Business Bureau,
Greater Hampton Roads

Keep your building leak-free with our professional commercial roofing services.

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