Increase your sustainability with a Green Roof

Eco-Friendly and unique, a Green Roof with plants and vegetation can be customized for your commercial or residential building

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Green Roof Installation

Don't Let Just Any Roof Contractor Maintain or Install Your Green Roof

Green Roofs are multi-layered systems consisting of:

  • A waterproofing component
  • Optional insulation
  • Drainage mat
  • A root-blocking component
  • Engineered growth medium
  • Plants

The specific make-up of each layer varies widely depending upon numerous factors such as:

  • Architecture and engineering
  • Aesthetics
  • Drainage mat manufacturer specifications
  • Client aesthetic

With over 150,000 square feet installed, Beck Roofing is the largest installer of green roofing in Hampton Roads.

How to Have a Beautiful Green Roof

Contact us with your green roof concerns or ideas
Receive an honest assessment of your green roof’s current state or an estimate for a new green roof
Minimize the possibility of future leaks in your new or existing green roof

You Want A Leak Proof Green Roof.

So Do We.

  • Thousands of commercial roofs serviced every year, hundreds of new roofs installed
  • We service and install new green roofs for: Manufacturing, Retail, Religious, Education, Non-Profits, Industrial, Office, Medical
  • Servicing and replacing commercial roofs across southeastern Virginia since 1988

We Love to Exceed Your Expectations!

I thought for a couple of years that roof leaks were something I had to live with. There were always leaks and we were lucky to stop one out of three leaks.

We always had one or two major leaks, whose cause was a mystery.

We even resorted to purchasing special funnels… READ MORE

Bob Mills,
Facilities Manager,

It is one of the best proactive property management decisions we have implemented.

Your inspections, recommended maintenance, and communicative visual and written reports have not only saved us money but enhanced our tenant relationships.

Our tenants appreciate…READ MORE

Douglas D. Ellis,
Venture Realty Group

Sometimes it’s the ‪little things that mean the most. Our roof had had a leak & Beck Roofing Corporation came in, fixed it quickly & then impressed me.

The gentleman came off the roof, washed his hands with the water cooler on his truck, checked his shoes, … READ MORE

Better Business Bureau,
Greater Hampton Roads
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