Don't take our word for it - see what our customers are saying!

At Beck Roofing, we're extremely proud of the fact that our customers speak highly of us. That says a lot about the quality of the work we do and the high level of service we provide.

Our business model is simple. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, which creates the word-of-mouth advertising and referrals that keep the new jobs coming in. Here are just a few of the recent correspondences we've received from satisfied customers and companies:

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Let's talk about ‪#‎integrity - our roof had had a leak & the company Beck Roofing Corporation came in, fixed it quickly & then impressed me, unbeknownst to them. The gentleman came off the roof, washed his hands with the water cooler on his truck, checked his shoes, and combed his hair before going back in to give the bill. Sometimes is the ‪#‎LittleThings that mean the most. That shows a level of professionalism & honor that just made me smile. ‪#‎BBBValues

Better Business Bureau - Greater Hampton Roads

Although many roofing manufacturers focus on initial inspection ratings as the primary measure of roofing quality, Firestone has always looked at long-term warranty repair cost as the ultimate measure of roof system performance. Each year, Firestone prepares a roofing quality report for all licensed contractors in terms of overall warranty claims per square foot of roof systems installed. Upon review of Beck Roofing Corporation, you have had a perfect QIR of 0.0 for four of the past five years. In this measure, Beck Roofing Corporation has always performed in the top echelon. Quality-oriented roofing contractors don't just focus on quality in the field. From the initial design and bidding of a project, through shop drawings and submittals in the daily activities of project management, Beck Roofing Corporation has always addressed all aspects of the business of roofing in a highly professional manner. It's hard to quantify exactly what this attention to professionalism and details contributes to long-term roofing quality, but I'm certain that your staff has addressed many potential problems long before they had a chance to become a problem. In my position as chief technical officer of Firestone I personally want you to know how much we appreciate your professionalism. On behalf of everyone at Firestone Building Products, I wish to thank you for your company's outstanding contribution to Firestone's quality reputation and to the overall professionalism of the roofing industry. Sincerely,

Director of Quality Building Services
Firestone Building Products Corporation

I don't know if my experience is unique, but I suspect not. Many of you may have or had the same expectations out of your roofing repair companies as we had, before Beck Roofing came knocking. We have approximately 560,000 sq. ft. of roof; some built-up, but mostly membrane. I thought for a couple of years that roof leaks were something I had to live with. After all, my predecessors had the same problems - sometimes with brand new roofs - and could never eliminate all of the leaks. We always had one or two major leaks, whose cause was a mystery. We even resorted to purchasing special funnels designed to divert the leaks into barrels or drains. We called one roofing company after another, searching for someone who could deal with these problems and make some meaningful gains. Different companies would come to fix the leaks, and explain up front that there were no guarantees and no rebates. There were always leaks and we were lucky to stop one out of three leaks; then two more would pop up between visits. That was“BB” (Before Beck). Beck Roofing’s service technicians are the most knowledgeable in the business and results are the order of the day. I have been able to remove all of my catch basins and we now consider a leak an abnormality. I highly recommend Beck Roofing and intend to use them as my company of choice. Their personnel are neat, and work with the various departments in our facility to make sure that safety and housekeeping are always observed and that interruptions are kept to a minimum. Sincerely,

Facilities Manager Stihl Inc.

It's easy to write about the benefits of the roof inspection and maintenance program you instituted and have conducted on our facilities within the last five (5) years. It is one of the best proactive property management decisions we have implemented. As an Owner/Managing Partner for retail, industrial, and office facilities in excess of 3 million square feet, we have a responsibility to maintain property value. In addition, roof replacement /maintenance budgets are probably the largest expense component, directly impacting cash flow and projected distributions. Your inspections, recommended maintenance, and communicative visual and written reports have not only saved us money but enhanced our tenant relationships. Our tenants appreciate the secure, leak free environment as well as our active efforts to protect them. We feel that when we provide copies of your reports to our partners and to our lenders that it also builds trust and credibility as to our level of management services. We enthusiastically endorse your program and services to anyone wishing to maximize their real estate assets. I would be happy to discuss the above with those who have inquiries. With best regards,

Ellis-Gibson Development Group

Beck Roofing Corporation through the years has made numerous repairs on the roof of Richmond County Elementary School. I have found the Beck Roofing Corporation to be reliable and very responsive to addressing our roof concerns on a timely basis. The staff is knowledgeable about all types of roofing and has willingly planned their work around the school setting and our time schedule. I have no reservations in recommending Beck Roofing Corporation to you. Sincerely,

Director of Maintenance
Richmond County Public Schools

We have utilized the services of Beck Roofing Corporation, since its inception in 1988. They have taken care of our roofing needs, both large and small, at the various commercial projects with which we are involved (approximately 25 shopping centers and 2,000 apartment units). They are presently completing a roof replacement at one of our centers in Norfolk. As we have found both their reliability and workmanship to be beyond reproach, I do not hesitate to highly recommend them to you for any of your roofing needs. Very truly yours,

Amy-Shu Properties

Beck Roofing Corporation recently completed replacement of the roof over our plant, warehouse and offices. The area covered was approx. 181,000 square feet. We can highly recommend them for any of your roofing needs as we found them to be totally reliable, courteous and their workmanship of a very high standard. They were always willing to accommodate our needs in the shortest and most cost effective manner. Our sincere appreciation go to Mr. Daniel Beck, president, to Henry, our Project Manager and all those who assisted. Sincerely,

Gordon Paper Company, Inc.

Hoy Construction, Inc. is pleased to serve as a reference for Beck Roofing Corporation. Beck Roofing has successfully completed numerous projects for us over the past ten years. Their promptness, commitment to quality, and owner satisfaction have made them a pleasure to have as a subcontractor on our projects. We highly recommend Beck Roofing for your roof installation, retrofit and repair needs. Respectfully,

Project Manager
Hoy Construction

Mr. Richard Francis, who oversees all maintenance and capital improvements to Trinity Baptist, talked with and considered several companies to replace the roof on our education building. We considered this a major capital expense for our church and wanted to make a wise choice in selecting a roofing company. Mr. Francis recommend that we sign a contract with your company for a new roof. His recommendation was based not only on cost consideration, but references from other Beck customers such as Hoy Construction. The contract has been completed and we are so happy to have a new roof. I am writing on behalf of Trinity Baptist to thank you for the prompt and professional service rendered from our first telephone call to the completion of the job. We are very pleased that we chose Beck. When it is time to replace the sanctuary roof, you will be the first company we call. Sincerely,

Senior Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church

It was a pleasure working with you and your crews in getting the roof replaced and the mansard covered at 6600-6620 E. Virginia Beach Boulevard. The buildings have not looked this good in years! You went out of your way to assist us in the redesign of the mansard to facilitate larger trucks getting to the rear of the stores, and the appearance has been greatly improved. I appreciate your attention to detail and look forward to working with you on future projects. We have heard nothing but good comments from the tenants, and would recommend you to other property managers and owners. Sincerely,

Vice President
Charles G. Nusbaum, Inc. Realtor

As we close this job, I feel compelled to pass on what an exceptional job your team has done. To say this job has been a moving target would be a generous understatement. You have not only responded well to some pure spontaneity on occasion, but you have done so with a smile on your face. The one time Beck Roofing had a minor miscalculation/mistake, you embraced and wholeheartedly accepted the fault and were eager to correct the problem as soon as possible. Oh, if only everyone with whom I work could be so eager. Charlie, Rob, et. al. all impressed me. Henry has been the point person for this entire effort, and I would be remiss if didn't sing his highest praises. When I was with Sykes and worked with Henry on the Breakers Hotel, he impressed me. His time on this one has only ratcheted up the high opinion I already had. Beyond his technical prowess and eagerness to help, his calm and reassuring demeanor makes working with him purely enjoyable. He absolutely has set the bar by which all other subcontractors are judged.

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and Norfolk Academy. I would like to take an opportunity to first of all thank you for your years of roof services to Norfolk Academy. I have always appreciated the timely manner in which your techs took care of us. I was highly impressed to see the quality of work and the knowledge that they have. I enjoyed working with Stefan and Chris because they always seem to address our problems the first time.

I would like to express a special appreciation to your receptionist Cathy, who has always answered the phone with a very pleasant and cheerful manner. She always came across as very professional and up beat on the phone which is a real asset to Beck Roofing.

Norfolk Academy