Cool Down Your Power Bill with Your Commercial Roof

Cool Down Your Power Bill with Your Commercial Roof


Just because the temperatures are rising doesn’t mean your power bill has to! The temperatures outside keep getting hotter as we hit midsummer in Virginia. Keep these tips in mind when considering a new commercial roof for your business. There are many ways you can keep your power bill low and maintain the quality of your new roof.

Depending on the material of your roof, the sun can be extremely damaging. When buying a new commercial roof, it’s important to consider where you live and what the climate is like. There are many new methods of cooling your roof, such as applying coatings and sealants, or going green.

Built-up roofing is one type of roofing that can be modified to keep your building cooler. This technique has a dark surface layer, typically made of asphalt, that can be altered. One way to make your built-up roofing more energy efficient is to substitute a reflective material in the surface layer. Materials like marble chips are perfect for reflecting light off your roof. Another way to modify your built-up roof is to use mineral granules rather than a dark coating.

Another way to modify your built-up roof is to use bitumen sheets as your surface. These sheets can be pre-coated with roof cooling material when they are ordered from the manufacturer. Consult with an expert to see what options you have if you are considering a built-up roof for your building.

If you want to fully commit to keeping your building cool while being environmentally friendly, a green roof is the roof for you. This method includes layering a waterproof component, a drainage mat, insulation, root-blocking components, engineered growth medium, and plants. Green roofs are proven to reduce the heat flow into your building.

Lastly, insulation is the most important factor, regardless of the material you choose for your new roof. Under the roof membrane, you will typically find up to three inches of insulation. If you have a black roof, the more insulation the better, as they absorb light. As a general rule of thumb, if you have at least three inches of insulation, you will save money cooling your building when the weather gets hot.