5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof


5. Age- Regardless of the appearance, the age of your roof is a critical factor when deciding to replace your roof. It may look functional from the street, but if it’s over twenty-five years old the quality is quickly deteriorating. Depending on the size and material of your roof, it may be a good idea to have an expert assess the state of your roof before serious damages occur.

4. Bubbling and blistering- Built-up roofing begins to show age through a few cosmetic alterations. If there are bubbles and blisters appearing on your commercial roof, this means there is air or water coming between the roof membrane and the substrate. This gets worse during warmer weather. As the surface temperature of the roof raises, so does the pressure inside the blister. As it cools, the moisture contracts and the size of the blister will decrease. Over time, this can cause irreversible damage as your roof loses its elasticity and begins to crack. If you notice multiple large blisters popping up on your commercial roof, call an expert for further inspection.

3. Standing water- You may not think standing water is an issue if your roof is not leaking. Think again. Just one inch of standing water spread across a 10x10 area, could add up to 500 lb. of pressure on a commercial roof. Standing water is defined as any water that is sitting stagnant after 48 hours of no rainfall. Not only does this weaken your roof over time and cause leaks, but could pose a threat of your entire roof collapsing.

2. Damaged Flashing- Flashing is the glue that holds your commercial roof together. Without it, water and other debris would quickly seep in and destroy the quality of your roof. Look at the metal stripping around the edges of your roof. If it is falling off, rusting, or missing, water could easily be getting inside your building. While this may not mean you need to replace your whole roof, it may be a good indicator that you need further inspection of your roof.

1. Your attic is lit by daylight- If light can leak through your roof, other outside elements can as well. This is one of the most urgent indications that you need to replace your roof. If your business has an attic, check it out frequently to make sure there are no problems arising. If there is any daylight coming in, you want to call an expert immediately. Water leaks can cause detrimental damage to your business.

Bottom line is, your business’s roof is the first and most important layer of protection from the outside elements. While one or two of these issues may not mean it’s time to replace your whole roof, it’s always smart to be aware and keep an eye out for these warnings. It is also important to be aware of your other options, if you do decide to replace.

There are many alternate solutions that could be a better fit for your business. Solutions such as metal roofing and bitumen roofing may be a longer lasting and more cost-efficient solution for your business. Most importantly, if you haven’t replaced or even had your roof inspected in over twenty years, it’s a good idea to give the experts a call.